Personal effects of erectile dysfunction

How to stop erectile dysfunction affecting your relationship

Erectile dysfunction can be described in several ways. But essentially you have erectile dysfunction when you cannot keep an erection for long enough to enjoy vaginal intromission (penetration) and sexual intercourse with vaginal thrusting or when you lose your erection during sex.

Like many men I have had erectile dysfunction, and my girlfriend decided that in the absence of my erection she would settle for cunnilingus on a regular basis.

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Unfortunately after six months of making love in this way, there came a time when she started crying when we were making love.....and it soon became clear that she wasn't happy about our limited sex life: she wanted to feel my erect penis inside her.

She said that sex was truly intimate for her only when she could feel me inside her.....that, to her, this was the true sign of a sexual and emotional commitment between two people. And, you know what? I had to agree with her!

The truth was, that was exactly how I felt as well. Naturally, since I had erectile dysfunction at the time, this did not make me feel great about myself! I decided there and then I had to put a stop to erectile dysfunction.

So together we searched out all the available treatments, and we then put this website together. The main reason we did this was to help you avoid wasting as much time as we did on spurious cures, treatments and remedies.

What you want, just as I wanted it, are the facts: which treatments cure erectile dysfunction, and which do not. Which approaches can give you hope, and which may be less reliable for you in helping to stop erectile dysfunction.

I think you must stop your erectile dysfunction if your relationship is important to you. If you wish to have a normal fully intimate sexual relationship, then your erectile dysfunction has to be stopped - and there are only a limited number of ways that is going to happen. (They are all described on this website, by the way!) 

If you and your partner don't mind your erectile dysfunction, and it's just another aspect of life, and you don't mind not having sex, then fine. That's your choice. If you wish to get a cure that works, then please read on!

Erectile dysfunction may be acceptable for a few couples, but I suspect most, like my girl and me, are very upset by it. The woman probably wonders if she is attractive enough, or if her partner is having an affair. He wonders what has happened to his masculinity, and he may begin to doubt his relationship with his partner. And worse still, he may also wonder if his erectile dysfunction is a sign that his masculinity is weakening - or even disappearing altogether!

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? 

Why do you have so little control over erectile dysfunction - why does your erection come and go?

What are the treatments available to stop erectile dysfunction?

Treatments for erectile dysfunction - general principles

Healthy Relationships and Sexual Function

This website is about physical and psychological causes and the various treatments available for erectile dysfunction. But many of these treatments only work if the man who is solving his erectile dysfunction is in a stable and loving relationship.

Good relationships maintain normal sexual function for both men and women. For men, the quality of the relationship they are in is directly related to the effectiveness of their sexual functioning - including the health of their erection. And the solution to any sexual problem is much more easily found if a man has excellent support from his partner.

All problems with relationships affect sexual functioning: and when this happens, the relationship has to be worked on at the same time as the erectile dysfunction. Fixing the mechanical side of erectile dysfunction is easier than fixing the relationship /emotional / psychological side (you can always use Viagra!).

Even so, a man's overall sexual function is closely related to the quality of his relationship.

Quality of time spent together is the key. And one major aspect of this is communication: couples who make an effort to improve communication and therefore improve their relationship on a daily basis lay the foundation for strengthening the relationship and maintaining normal erectile function.