End Erectile Dysfunction Now!

Do you have difficulty keeping an erection during sex?

Do you avoid sex because your erection might not be reliable?

Do you feel like your maleness is under threat, and you're less of a man because you can't make love reliably?

Well, the great news is that you can treat erectile dysfunction at home quickly and simply. 100% guaranteed.

Read on to find out how you can cure your erection problems......

Welcome. My name is Philip Rodgers. I know about the misery of erectile dysfunction, having lived with it for close on two years, several years ago, and so I also know just how much you want to end it - right now!

Well, I've got some good news for you. Erectile dysfunction can be treated quickly and effectively in nine out of every ten men who either have a problem getting erect during sex, or who lose their erections before or during intercourse.

Yes: that's right, nine out of ten men can solve this problem at home, using the same techniques that they'd be shown if they visited a professional sex therapist.

Obviously the biggest advantage of curing your erectile dysfunction this way is that it will only cost you a fraction of the price you'd pay if you went to see a professional therapist.

(As it happens, I am a trained therapist, and I've helped hundreds of men to cure their erectile dysfunction in the last twelve years. So you're in good hands. But I don't expect you to believe that just because I tell you so - please read on, and judge for yourself.)

One of the reasons why men seek treatment for erectile dysfunction is that the problem strikes at the heart of their masculinity. If you can't get an erection firm enough for sex, you feel like a man whose whole being and sense of masculinity has been shattered, whose assumptions about his sexuality are shaken to the core.

So the sooner you get you back to full erections and enjoyable sex, the better! And if you're looking for treatment at home, then this website means you avoid the embarrassment of having to explain your problem in person to a doctor or therapist.

The Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction
On This Website Actually Work!

Whether you lose your erection during sex, or you can't get erect in the first place, you can easily use the techniques on this website to recover your potency and get hard erections which last as long as you want them to!

If you're looking for a treatment for erectile dysfunction, then you've come to the right place. As I said above, almost all cases of erectile dysfunction can be cured: whether you lose your erection before sex, during it, or even if you can't get erect at all right now, I can help you get hard again.

This treatment for erectile dysfunction is easy and simple. Sure, it requires a certain amount of dedication and commitment, but it does work.

(Only in advanced cases of diabetes or high cholesterol, where the arteries or nerves to the penis are damaged, might you find that you need additional medical help.)

If you've been to see a doctor about erectile dysfunction, you may know by now that you aren't likely to get much help beyond a prescription for Viagra or other related drugs. There's no doubt that these can sometimes be effective, but the truth is that you don't want to rely on them for ever. (And, by the way, the failure rate is quite high, and the side effects can be serious.)

These drugs should be an aid to solving erectile dysfunction, not a cure in their own right.....long term, you don't really want to be dependent on a drug to have sex. (And what if they don't work for you?)

Very often, erectile dysfunction has its roots in relationship issues which need to be sorted out. That may mean finding a new relationship or changing your current one, but it's important that these things are resolved.

This website will show you exactly how you can resolve any issues between you and your partner and develop a closer, more loving relationship - or end the one you're currently in, if that's the right thing to do for you and your partner.

You might also have tried a lot of treatments - men with erectile dysfunction are often desperate to get their erection back, and they're willing to consider almost anything to do so! The fact is, I know how important it is to you to get your erection back. I've had erectile dysfunction myself, and I know exactly what it feels like. So let me reassure you: these treatments do work, they work quickly, and they continue to work for as long as you want to have sex.

You're probably wondering how I can be so sure of that! Before I answer you, let's just think about the causes of erectile dysfunction.


The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


A very common cause of erectile dysfunction is anxiety or stress. You might be worried about sex, or being discovered making love, or indeed you might have had some kind of shock while you were enjoying sex: you might be under pressure, stressed, ill or perhaps even depressed: all of these things can cause you to lose your erection.

If you worry about this, the next time you have sex, you may find that your erection isn't as firm as it was - and that makes you worry more! Before you know where you are, your erection has disappeared and you start avoiding sex because you aren't confident you'll be able to get it up at all.

Well, as you may have guessed, this is the easiest kind of erectile dysfunction to solve. Treatment methods are designed to help you get your confidence back and learn some techniques to help you avoid losing your erection again.

You might be worried about sex for some reason. For example, you might be anxious about sex with a new partner, or worried about whether you can satisfy your existing partner. You might have concerns about giving her an orgasm; maybe you resent the expectation that you have to take charge during sex or the feeling that you have to be in control.

All of these things, and many more, can cause you to lose your erection - after which, you're likely to find you're in a spiral of increased anxiety and greater difficulty in getting erect. This sort of erectile dysfunction is also easy to treat.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction develops as you get older. Young men get an erection with very little sexual stimulus. But as we approach our forties, fifties or the years beyond, it often takes longer to get aroused and longer to ejaculate.

It also takes longer to get an erection in response to fantasy or actual sexual contact....and from time to time, we may not even get an erection.

What's more, you may find that even the most explicit fantasy no longer seems arousing enough to make you hard. You may have experienced this personally - even when you conjure up vivid sexual fantasies or you look at your partner's naked body, you may find that you just don't get a firm erection.

This is not a difficult problem to solve, and I show you, in detailed step-by-step instructions, how you can solve this type of erectile dysfunction. In fact, erectile dysfunction is something you can cure no matter how old you are.

There are other causes of erectile dysfunction, of course, but rather than mention them all here, let me just reiterate what I said before: No matter what the cause of your erectile dysfunction, I will help you get your erection back!

You can use the treatments described on this website to cure your erectile dysfunction because they actually work, whether you have a partial erection or none at all in sexual situations. With the methods I explain to you, your penis will be back to full fitness in no time at all!

There's nothing magical or mysterious about these treatment methods, by the way. They are well proven strategies used by sex therapists the world over, programs which have stood the test of time and which actually work!

They involve excises to get your penis working again, relationship coaching to iron out any difficulties below the surface of your relationship which may be contributing to your erectile dysfunction, and tricks, tools and techniques which you can use to develop a reliable erection - even when you don't have one at the moment!


Relationship Coaching?


Now you may be asking, why would I need relationship advice? The answer is that erectile dysfunction affects all relationships. Sometimes it's even caused by the relationship not working out properly.

Erectile dysfunction is often a sign that partners have fallen out of love with each other, or worse, that the relationship is in deep trouble and partners are no longer communicating. It may be that one partner is thinking of leaving the relationship. Perhaps there is a great deal of unexpressed emotion floating around, causing sexual problems.

The fantastic news is that it's possible to solve all these problems and cure your erectile dysfunction all at the same time - and this website shows you how! Even if it's time for you to move on to a new relationship, you'll still find tools on this website to help move on and get back to full sexual fitness - without emotional distress or fights with your partner.


Don't Be Depressed By Erectile Dysfunction - It Can Be Cured!


I know that you want a solution to your erectile dysfunction, and you want it as soon as possible! That's only natural - you're probably more worried about the state of your penis and the effect this has on your sex life than anything else. Maybe you've resorted to desperate measures: having an affair, trying porn; using Viagra.......whatever.

Well, these may or may not help on a temporary basis, but they are not the real answer: I know what you want is a reliable erection, every time you need one. And I can show you exactly how you can do this.

The combination of sexual intention and physical erection are under your control - if you know how to achieve this. I don't promise miracles (although the effectiveness of these exercises may seem like a miracle to you if you haven't had an erection for some time!)

The treatment methods for erectile dysfunction described on this website actually work. You will be able to get normal, firm erections even if at the moment....

  • vivid sexual fantasies leave your penis soft
  • the sight of your partner's naked body doesn't arouse you
  • the thought of sex (or contact with your partner's naked body or sex organs) doesn't get you hard
  • you thrust hard and fast in fear of losing your erection - and come too soon
  • your erectile dysfunction is caused by diabetes or another medical condition
  • your testosterone levels are low and your sex drive non-existent
  • you're angry and depressed, irritable or unhappy, anxious or frustrated
  • the last time you had sex was weeks or months ago
  • you don't find your partner attractive any longer
  • you're in the grip of a mid-life emotional or motivational crisis
  • your erections are unreliable but you have no idea why they fail you
  • you lose your erection during sex or when you put a condom on
  • it's go to the point where you're avoiding sex altogether
  • your life is dominated by fear of losing your erection
  • oral sex leaves your penis flaccid
  • you just don't know how you feel about your partner or sex or women in general

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem for men: no other sexual problem can make a man feel so bad! You may even think your sex life is over, or that somehow you're no longer a man. Yes, this is serious stuff....

...but I show you how to cure your erectile dysfunction and describe how you and your partner can have a fantastic relationship and a great sex life - no matter what may be causing your problems right now!


Destroying the Myths About Erectile Dysfunction


The statements below are all untrue, complete myths in fact, but sadly, they're also the things which men believe about erectile dysfunction. See how many you've been buying into. But remember, they are all myths....that is, myths about men and sex:

  • You should be able to have sex with any woman on demand
  • You should always be in control during sex and lead the woman in bed
  • Sexual confidence is everything; if you're not confident in bed, you're a wimp
  • A real man can seduce any woman he wants to have sex with
  • A real man can make thrust in his partner until she has an orgasm
  • A man can have sex with his partner regardless of his feelings towards her
  • A man should give his partner an orgasm each and every time they have sex
  • A real man is a potent man and always has an erection when it's needed
  • Your penis should be erect all the way through sex, even when you're giving your partner head
  • Sexual intercourse requires a fully erect penis
  • Erectile dysfunction is shameful
  • Being impotent means you're not a real man

Any of this sound familiar? A ll these statements are untrue and each of them can contribute to your erectile dysfunction. I show you how, why, and what to do about them. Then you can cure your erectile dysfunction - within weeks.

Sometimes, of course, the cause of cause erectile dysfunction lies elsewhere: maybe you have a sexual partner who doesn't like sex, or one who won't give or accept oral sex. I can show you what to do even in these difficult circumstances, so you can enjoy a full sex life with fantastic erections once again - and, even better, you can sort out your relationship at the same time.

Adding To The Pleasure Of Sex

Do you want to do more than just cure your erectile dysfunction? How about taking sex to the next level? There's a massive amount of information on this site on sexual techniques and positions that will let you do just that.

This information will transform your sex life into a mind-blowing, satisfying, orgasmic experience the like of which you've probably never experienced before...... how to make your orgasms more powerful and longer-lasting, how to take a woman to the heights of sexual pleasure every time you have sex....and much, much more bedsides.


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I'm happy to refund your money, but I do request that you give the program a fair three month trial before asking for a refund. All refunds are made via Paypal.
This money-back guarantee means that trying this program is completely risk free for you!

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Testimonials from some of our customers !

Erectile Dysfunction

Nothing strikes at the root of a man's self-esteem like losing his erection....it's fundamental to his self-esteem, his sense of maleness, and his sexual relationship with his partner. And we're led to believe that there is almost nothing that can be done...at least, that's the conventional medical view.

What Phillip Rodgers' program takes into account is the fact that almost all cases of erectile dysfunction are largely emotional and psychological, even where there is a clear physical issue as well. By focusing on the emotional aspects of the condition, Phillip Rodgers offers a radical new way of treating the underlying fear and stress which is such a big part of the problem. I recommend this program to all men with erectile dysfunction. Matty Silver - Sexual Health Therapist (Sydney/Australia).


Hi Rod, I just read through your program and wanted to say thank you for your great work. Everything made sense to me. I suffered from erection problems for years (as I was abused) which left me unable to perform properly. I acted like the confident male and like I could do everything perfectly, which of course made it harder for me to perform in bed. I feel you're in a no win situation when your erection fails and then you develop an anxiety problem - it becomes a nightmare so having a professional guide is both enduring and empowering.

I do feel you can improve on your guide for those people who are single (and have been for years) to help them get into sex again on a more physical level. The sensate exercises are a great start though to help people get into relationships again, and it is helpful having a plan and a professional guide, where otherwise people would fail and be stuck in a vicious circle.

I'm really glad I found your site - as a victim of child abuse I just can't find a therapist anywhere, they charge too much and it's not easy talking about sexual problems. I'm not surprised the suicide rate for victims of child abuse is high as they have no one to turn to so having your guidance, experience is empowering. I believe you are saving lives. Thank you! Paul, UK


Hello again Rod, thank you very very much, I am very glad I did pay to enter the site and thankful. Just reading the first few pages has helped so much and I'm glad someone like you is trying to genuinely help people without taking advantage of them at their worst. John, San Diego.


I tried all the remedies - I was even a member of the old Alt Support Impotence when it was run by Fred (did you ever come across him?) and nothing helped (though I do miss all the fellowship of that group - have you considered starting a forum?) I took your advice about forgetting about the pressure of having sex until my erections returned, and even though I was scared to talk to my partner about this, the odd thing is that when we talked she agreed with me that would be OK.

 Maybe she also needed to have a break from the constant disappointment of me not being erect, who knows? Anyhow, your exercises worked great - we found we were more trusting, understanding and tolerant of each other, and my impotence began to matter less. Then after three weeks there was a breakthrough - I got erect for the first time in six years!! I can't tell you what this means to me. I think there is some way to go yet but by God this is a great start. Thank you, thank you, thank you! John UK


Hi, Mike here. I appreciate all the time and trouble you have taken to talk me through my erection problems. I couldn't have done it without you, and though I'm not 100% back to normal, I am having regular sex, and my partner is much happier. Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes. Michael Brown, San Francisco. 


When I said I had diabetes induced erection problems I thought you'd just say, no chance, But you kept me going, guided me through all the exercises and they have helped so much. I still use the vacuum pump and cylinder every so often, but most of the time even when I start off with a soft penis using the non-erect method of starting intercourse by the time we've finished I've developed an erection and enjoyed full sex with my partner. She also says "Thank -you" and wants you to know you're a star! William van der Graed, Cape Town


You seem to be the only man I've talked to who understands just how erectile dysfunction affects the mind. None of those doctors I saw ever looked at me, the guy behind the symptoms, they were so impersonal and offhand. That's why it was so good to find someone who really cared for me, and when you told me there were no guarantees it gave me the confidence to buy your program because you weren't promising the earth and 100% success.

I've been around a whole and I'm wise enough to know that there are no guarantees - nothing around erectile dysfunction is certain (I'm the one where the miracle cure of Viagra was about as much use as an aspirin!) Anyway, things have improved so much that I wanted to say thanks, and tell you "normal relations" have been resumed! Ben W. Woodward, Sydney, Australia


Well, you certainly lived up to your promise, for sure. I didn't think I would ever find a site as honest as yours. I did read all the stuff you wrote but it just didn't work out for me. Thanks for the refund and I certainly don't think it's your fault I couldn't get erect again. I reckon I must just be beyond it. Paul, New York



CLICK HERE to sign up NOW, and stop erectile dysfunction ruining your sex life!