Self Hypnosis for Erectile Dysfunction

Self-hypnosis is one method you might like to add to your treatment strategies for erectile dysfunction 

Self-hypnosis may restore your confidence about your sexual ability by enabling you to relax, and by also addressing your subconscious, the part of your mind where sexual anxiety may be generated. Hypnotherapists claim that this technique will allay fear, doubt, and performance anxiety about sexual intimacy, so enabling you to enjoy sex knowing that you have control over your feelings and sexual functions. Your erectile dysfunction, they say, may be helped (if not cured) by relaxation and subconscious hypnosis therapy. The essence of the treatment is greater sexual self-confidence.

I have tried self-hypnosis myself, and with regular use it certainly made me rather more relaxed and definitely gave me greater sexual confidence, but it did not cure my erectile dysfunction. If you want to try self-hypnosis, I recommend the discs recorded by Victoria Wizzell; they may help you to develop a different response to sexual situations that you currently find threatening or anxiety making: in other words, you may find that you approach sex with more confidence in your sexual ability, and since you will feel much less anxiety, you are much more likely to have a solid erection which will be maintained throughout sexual intimacy.

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A special benefit of using self-hypnosis as part of your treatment for erectile dysfunction is that the as you become more relaxed and develop greater sexual self-confidence, these hypnosis CDs will help you to become more confident n other areas of your life as well.

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