End Your Erectile Dysfunction Now!

Do you have erection problems during sex? Is sexual intercourse something you avoid because you think your erection might not be reliable?

Do you feel less of a man because you can't make love reliably?

Well, the great news is that there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction at home, in privacy, without drugs, quickly, simply and at low cost.

Read on to find out how you can cure your erection problems......


Welcome. You've arrived at the best place to cure your erectile dysfunction.

My name is Rod Phillips, and I know what erectile dysfunction is like because I've had it myself. Happily, I've come out the other side, restored to full sexual potency.

Not only that, but I've trained as a therapist and spent the last ten years helping men who have erectile dysfunction (or ED for short) to find a new sex life with reliable erections. So I know what I'm talking about.

And now it's time to put that knowledge and experience to work for your benefit.

Whether you've occasionally lost your erection and now fear this will happen every time you make love, or whether you experience "permanent" erectile dysfunction, or whether your erection fades away unexpectedly during sex, I can help.

In fact, whatever form your erection problem takes, I almost certainly have a solution for you.

Maybe you're trying new sexual adventures to see if this will help get your potency back: maybe you've tried a new lover, a new relationship, wild fantasy, or even crazy sex in the hope of getting aroused and hard again.

Well, as you may realize by now, a cure for erectile dysfunction requires the right treatment techniques, and that's not using porn or finding a younger, sexier, partner.

Or maybe you just don't know what to do, and it seems like your masculinity is lost. So where the heck did it go?

Well, almost all erectile dysfunction can be solved somehow. But you need the right cure for your particular problem. It's not a case of "one cure fits all!"

I work with a lot of men who can't get erect, and who really want to be able to make love again, and one thing I know for sure is that few doctors will give either you or your ED enough time and attention, or even the right treatment. You're more likely to get a prescription for Viagra... which may of course seem like a perfect (if temporary) cure... at least for a while.

The problem is that doctors are not usually trained to deal with erectile dysfunction. The simple and unhappy truth is this: a doctor can't work through the problem in the way a professional sex therapist would.

Fact: For a complete and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, you need to deal with both the physical and emotional aspects of the problem.

So if you aren't going to get an effective, long-term cure from your doctor, where are you going to get it?

In my experience, very few couples want to take their problems to a professional sex therapist. For one thing, it costs too much - hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For another, it can be extremely embarrassing to discuss all the issues around erectile dysfunction with a therapist.

Happily there is an alternative: to use self-help treatments like the ones described on this website - treatments that are based on the techniques used by professional sex therapists.

Use The Techniques Of Professional Sex Therapists
For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment At Home

And that is where this website can really help you. Together, we can work out just what is causing your erectile dysfunction.

We can uncover the emotional issues that play a part in erectile dysfunction and see how your sexual relationship with your partner may be affected by ED. We might even find that your relationship is contributing to your erectile dysfunction. (And then we can work out what to do about that.)

My techniques are easy and simple to use. I do not use expensive gimmicks or quick fixes such as herbal potions or hypnosis (which don't work anyway). I provide a simple, effective, and genuine treatment program. This will get you erect again - and make sure you stay that way.

These methods work. They are the same methods used by professional sex therapists to help couples with erection problems get back to a healthy sex life. They have worked for thousands of other men with erectile dysfunction, and they will work for you!

At the moment you may be feeling bad about not being able to get an erection. That's quite natural, because when you have erectile dysfunction, when you can't get an erection, you lack one of the most obvious symbols of your sexual role as a man.

An erection is a very obvious sign of your male potency, of your ability to have sexual intercourse, to prove that you're a man to yourself and to your partner if you're in an active sexual relationship.

Without an erection, you're going to feel less of a man.

No wonder that erectile dysfunction is such a big deal. Some men have told me they would rather be dead than impotent. Whether they really mean that or not, we all know that a vital part of our maleness is being able to have sex on demand, being able to make love as and when you choose, knowing that you can enjoy your partner whenever you both want it.

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How Does Erectile Dysfunction Start?


Whether you call it impotence or erectile dysfunction is irrelevant. What counts is the fact that you lose your hard-on, you can't rely on it, or it never develops in the first place. But just what causes erectile dysfunction?

In some cases, it's about nerves and anxiety.

For some reason you get anxious while you're having sex, and, naturally enough, you lose your erection - that's what happens when you're anxious! Why does this happen? Worry about being discovered, fear of sexual failure, not knowing what to do during sex, feeling anger or other hostility towards your partner, feeling depressed, tired, stressed, even just having too much to drink....whatever.

But for you, losing your erection is unexpected - after all, you want sex, you had an erection earlier, and now it's gone! Just what, you wonder, is going on? And since this may never have happened to you before, you start to worry that next time you have sex you'll lose your erection again......and, yes, that's exactly what happens.

Or perhaps you're in your thirties, forties or fifties and you've discovered that your erections aren't as reliable as they once were.

No matter how willing you are to go to bed with an attractive partner, you may find you simply don't have the same stiff cock that you had in your younger days. Even worse, it might be hard one minute and soft the next, which can make you extremely insecure.

So what do you do when you can't rely on your penis to be erect when you need it? Avoid sex altogether? Try it out with a new partner? And what if your penis starts hard but your erection disappears during sex?

Happily there are cures for all these problems. And so there are if you're an older man who has difficulty with erections because of low testosterone levels or because you have a physical issue like diabetes or because you're on some medication which produces erectile dysfunction.

Using this website, you can put a stop to your erectile dysfunction quickly, simply and completely.

And in case you have any doubts as to whether "self-help" treatment for erectile dysfunction works, here's my guarantee: if you don't see a massive improvement in your erectile dysfunction after three months genuinely using the techniques I spell out, ones which you probably haven't heard about before, I'll refund your subscription. That's how confident I am in the information I provide.

I know you need to have reliable erections back as soon as possible. That is what you and I are going to achieve together.

There are many different ways in which erectile dysfunction appears in men. The treatment techniques for erectile dysfunction in my treatment program are designed to work with all of them.

You may lose your erection at any point during sex, whether you're with a new partner, an existing partner, or even masturbating on your own.

Maybe you develop a hard erection during foreplay and then, when you're both ready for penetration, or when you put a condom on, your cock goes soft pretty much instantly. This is hard to understand, and even harder to cope with: just when you think the situation is solved, it suddenly gets worse!

What may be even worse is that some men then develop premature ejaculation, almost as if they are trying to ejaculate before their erection disappears! You may even lose your desire for sex altogether.

Well, do not despair. The only thing you need to benefit from this website is an unreliable erection. Having said that, I also take you through all the relationship issues which might be affecting your erection - because we all know that erectile dysfunction doesn't happen in isolation. It's a problem for two people - you and the woman you're with.

Let me tell you, right now, that you can stop worrying. The solutions for your erectile dysfunction are right here, on this website, right now.


Other Facts About Erectile Dysfunction


Sometimes the cure for erectile dysfunction is within easy reach

You know, it might just be as simple as taking some Viagra to cure your erectile dysfunction. I explain why in the members' area of this website.

You don't have to get erect just by having some fantasy, seeing your partner's body, or thinking about sex

Maybe fantasy and the sight of a naked women will turn on a young man with an ample supply of testosterone. But when you pass a certain age, things change.

For some men, this change happens when they're thirty. For others, it's around forty, and for a lucky few it may be as late as their fifties. But one thing's for sure - getting an erection can be much harder when you're older.

This can be a painful realization and yet it need not spoil your enjoyment of sex. For you can still get reliable erections - you might just have to get them differently. In fact, as I explain, you can enjoy sex even more after forty. This may sound too good to be true, but there really are some massive sexual benefits of growing older!

Premature ejaculation can lead to erection problems

One of the ways men try and deal with premature ejaculation is by "tuning out" the sexual thoughts in their heads. So a man might try and think of baseball or taxes during sex. Indeed, he may do this so successfully that he loses his arousal altogether - and his erection disappears soon after! It's easy to solve this kind of erectile dysfunction, and I show you how.

Medication and health issues can cause erectile dysfunction

Many prescription medications can reduce or stop a man's capacity to have an erection. For example, drugs for depression and high blood pressure can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

And some older men with circulation problems, diabetes, and other medical problems may find they have a wavering erection. (One sign of a physical problem - as opposed to an emotional one - is that you can't get erect when you masturbate. Read more about this in the members' area.)

However, one thing few doctors will tell you is that a lot of older men's problems can be solved easily with testosterone replacement therapy. Indeed, much of the medical profession rubbishes this as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Well, I have news for you: much of the medical profession is wrong.

I will show you why it's essential that men with low testosterone get the right treatment, and how this can contribute to sexual health and solve erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels do indeed cause erectile dysfunction

A reduction in testosterone affects about ten percent of men over forty years of age. Almost half of all men aged over seventy have very low levels of this essential male hormone.

You know if this is happening to you because it's obvious: you don't get many erections, and the ones you do get are weak and soft, you have a low sex drive, you feel depressed, and your muscles ache. Your personality changes, too: you become irritable and tired, and you lack enthusiasm and energy for life.

Yet the cure is so easy: I reveal what you can do about it in great detail. I describe how you can find out if low testosterone is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, and how you can have this confirmed by your doctor. In fact, I show you what you can do to safely restore yourself to complete sexual health. This is one of the most important pieces of information any man over fifty can have.

Emotional problems can be both the cause and the effect of erectile dysfunction

Depression and anxiety frequently lie behind erection difficulties, but they can be treated - and the erectile dysfunction can be easily dealt with as well.

Other emotional situations which may interfere with your erections include a failing relationship, anger towards your partner, resentment, sexual boredom, loss of desire, low libido....and many more. They are all explained on this website - and I tell you how you can put things right in each case.

I explain all the emotional issues associated with erectile dysfunction as well as what you can do about them, and how you can put them right and stop them from recurring.

You and your partner will enjoy open and direct communication about sex, strengthen your love towards each other, and improve your relationship so it excites you both and is full of joy.

And, if it's time to split up because your relationship is beyond repair, or just not the right relationship for you, I show you how to make that decision as well.

Early sexual or physical abuse can lie behind erectile dysfunction later in life

Sadly, many of us didn't have a good or safe childhood. If your relationship with a significant woman - perhaps even your mother - was poor, then it's possible you'll develop erectile dysfunction with female sexual partners later in life.

At this stage of life, when your sexual energy is a bit lower, the suppressed feelings and consequences of poor relationships in early life (especially if they were actually abusive) can show themselves, and your body may develop erectile dysfunction in response to these unconscious memories.

It may be a specific encounter with a woman who is judgmental, angry or critical that provokes the loss of your sexual desire and starts an episode of erectile dysfunction.

Good news? Yes. There are some very practical ways of dealing with things like this, and they are described on this website.

Heard enough? Just want to get the treatment method right now? Click here to get access.


Things You May Not Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the worst myths about men in society, each and every one of which has its part to play in causing erectile dysfunction....mostly because men feel they cannot match up to these "standards".

I look at all these beliefs, and many more like them, in detail, in the members' area of this website, and show you why so much of what is expected of men in our society is so unreasonable. I also explain what men are really capable of sexually!

A man should be able to have sex on demand with any woman who is willing and available.
The truth: it's OK to say "no" to sex, to your regular partner, or to any other woman!

A man should be able to get an erection on demand, all the time, every time.
Unfortunately this is simply not how men's bodies work, and if you believe that statement represents a measure of your own sexual expectations, your body will not fulfill it. The truth: a man does not get erect every time he is in a sexual situation, and at any one time, about one man in ten (some experts say one man in eight) has erectile dysfunction.

A man should never be nervous when having sex.
But life is not like that! There are many situations where men would expect to be nervous during sex (with a new partner, for example, or when a current partner is sexually demanding). The truth: it's often the false pressure put on men to lead and initiate during sex which causes them to feel nervous.

A man should be able to seduce every woman who's attracted to him.
The truth: men can say no. Men do not have to follow the expectations of society around male sexual behavior. Men do not have to have sex with (or desire) all the women they meet. Men can choose who they have sex with, and give up opportunities for sex with attractive women - without explaining why!

There are many more myths that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Here are just a few of them. In the website, I examine all these and more and give them a good reality check:

  • A man should be able to fuck his partner even when she doesn't like sex or doesn't respond to him sexually
  • A man should be able to give his partner an orgasm each and every time they have sex
  • A man should be able to get and keep his erection even when his partner is unresponsive or hates sex
  • A man should be able to keep his erection right through sex from beginning to end
  • A man can only enjoy sex with a rock hard erection
  • A man can fuck around with impunity
  • A man without an erection is no man at all

Oftentimes erectile dysfunction is caused by things that have nothing to do with you -  a critical partner, or a woman who doesn't like sex are two examples of this. And sometimes a woman will blame the man in her life for whatever's not working during sex when it's just as much her fault as it is his.

Happily there are solutions for all these situations, and I explain what they are and how you can implement them. And that may well mean your partner gets to be enthusiastic about sex once again!

Adding To The Pleasure Of Sex

Of course, sex isn't only about having a reliable erection! There's a lot of technique involved too...which is why I offer you all the information you might need to get the greatest sexual pleasure for your partner and for yourself.

I have a massive amount of information on sexual techniques. In fact, I've put together hundreds of pages of tips, tricks, techniques and secrets which show you how to get the most fun out of sex.

This information, for both men and women, will increase your sexual stamina, enhance the power and pleasure of your orgasms, and the multiply the enjoyment you both get from sex.

I reveal how both you and your partner can enjoy sex without pressure, resentment, shame, disappointment or a sense of failure - in other words, how you can both give and take what you need to get the maximum pleasure from sex, while still making sure your partner is happy and fulfilled.

But great sex isn't just about techniques. Sometimes the simplest things help - like knowing some great sex positions.....

So I have hundreds of tasteful photos showing you the most exciting sex positions possible! In fact I'm giving you TWO fantastic free gifts to improve your sex life beyond anything you ever thought possible - and they're both completely free of charge when you join this site...


A High Quality Sex Positions Manual - With Hundreds Of Explicit Photos!

Photographed in high res, close-up detail, these photos feature real life couples enjoying literally hundreds of amazing, exciting sex positions. While these photos are erotic and arousing, they're also a pathway to a great sex life for you and your partner.

No matter how experienced you may be, you'll find dozens of new positions that you've never seen before, ranging from the everyday (think missionary or man on top with an unexpected twist) to more exotic positions ideal for a sexual treat!

Shot by professional photographers, this superb collection of sex positions pictures is exciting, explicit and extremely suitable for men and women to view together without worrying about porn or offensive content.

And there's more!

A Free Guide To Simultaneous Orgasm During Intercourse!

Simultaneous orgasm makes sex about as good as it can possibly be. Having your female partner enjoy her orgasm while your penis is in her vagina is an amazing experience, and it's guaranteed to give you both a massive, mind-blowing orgasm! Want to know how it's done? I show you - in complete detail!

Get all this - completely free of charge - when you join!

Join now and get your full male power and potency back!

Join this site now and end your erectile dysfunction faster than you ever imagined possible. There's a modest, one-time membership fee that gives you complete access to my step-by-step guidance - information that helps you get a reliable erection during sex, an erection that lasts for as long as you want, whenever you want.

For a modest one-time charge of only $39.95 you'll get complete confidence in your erection, regain your sexual abilities, recover your masculinity, and enjoy sex more than ever before.

I'm always available to answer your questions - you can email me on rodphillips@end-erectile-dysfunction-now.com at any time. And if you find this doesn't work for you, after three months using the treatments, email me and tell me why, and you can have a complete refund (via Paypal). This means trying this program is completely risk free for you.

So - act now, and get a full year's access to the quickest, easiest and most effective cure for erectile dysfunction available on the internet.

Your membership gives you access to all information I add during the year.
And there are no more charges to your credit card - ever! You'll never receive any follow-up emails (unless you email me first), and I never abuse your trust by selling, renting, or distributing your email address in any way whatsoever. I respect your privacy absolutely.

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