The effects of erectile dysfunction.

What do men do when they cannot get an erection?

Coping strategies employed by men with erectile dysfunction or erectile failure

This is a variety of strategies used by men to overcome the effects of erectile dysfunction; not all of these coping strategies are necessarily going to be very helpful.....

1 Seek out a new or younger partner

The classic effect of erectile dysfunction on the male in crisis is to make him seek out more sexual stimulation in the hope of getting his erection back. Lots of men I work with claim to love their partner but want to find out if a different, often a younger, woman will be helpful in getting them erect again. This is an extreme measure, but I guess writing as a man I can say it's understandable, and I do have sympathy with men who think it may help them. But before you try this, you need to consider the effect of your actions on your existing relationship.

2 Use Viagra

Viagra can be very helpful in overcoming the effects of erectile dysfunction, if it is caused by psychological issues which can be resolved or assisted by a confidence boosting erection, even if this is produced chemically by Viagra. I see nothing wrong in men who have suffered erectile failure as a consequence of emotional trauma or stress, and for whom this has become an ingrained response to sexual stimuli, using Viagra as a quick remedy to get their confidence back. Nor indeed, do I see any reason why a man who has a physical based problem with his erections should not use Viagra to gain erectile capacity. If it works, use it!

3 New sexual kinks

Which might include unusual sexual activities - that is to say, unusual in the sense that they are new novel for the man concerned. So he might start to use porn, talk dirty during sex, want to tie his partner up or engage in mild S&M fantasies, or some other such seems this is all about trying to get more sexual stimulation to produce an erection. But such things are not the answer, because the depersonalising effects of porn, say, doesn't help overcome the effects of erectile dysfunction and indeed may even take a man further away from his body and mind awareness. It's more renewed contact with oneself that's required, not less, to start the process of curing erectile dysfunction.

4 Avoid sex altogether

I suppose if you want to avoid erectile dysfunction, one way is to avoid sex altogether, and some men do indeed try this, but a relationship without sex can be like bread without yeast - unleavened. Besides which, men are not designed to go without sex, and avoiding sex is tantamount to avoiding the real issue. Sex is an essential part of who we are as men - ask yourself if you will feel complete with no sex life? There are of course also potential effects on your relationship if you allow erectile problems to shut off your sex life.

This website has all the information you need to stop your erectile dysfunction: you can find  information on many ways to control and overcome erectile dysfunction.

So if you, like ten per cent of men, have erection problems, you need to solve them, because trying to make love to your partner and finding that your erection disappears just when you want to enter her, or when you think of entering her, is a real blow to your self-esteem. The effects of erectile dysfunction on your self-esteem, and your relationship can be devastating! Changing a partner - as we mentioned above - or trying a new one - is not a great way forward! If your relationship has real problems, then the answer may be to go for couples' counselling, rather than try a new partner! Bear in mind that erectile dysfunction is sometimes indicative of problems within the relationship. In most cases, though, a woman is as distressed by erectile dysfunction as her partner; so if you don't get an erection, then you have a basic relationship problem: and if you don't attend to it, you will neither help the relationship to recover nor restore your self-esteem and that of your partner. Remember that your partner really isn't going to be content with this situation! She may be telling you that everything is "alright, really", but the truth is rather different. So how do you find treatment for erectile dysfunction? Well, you have discovered this website with the best solutions to erectile dysfunction. Are you willing to try them? Ok. Here are some options:

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis for erectile dysfunction

An effective treatment for ED

Treat your erectile dysfunction now, because it really is necessary! Erection problems are best defined as follows: you can't keep an erection for long enough to vaginally penetrate your partner and reach orgasm through intercourse. You may wonder if this is really important. During my episode of erectile dysfunction, my girl and I decided that I would give her lots of cunnilingus, and she would give me head in return - on my flaccid or semi-erect penis. This was OK, right up to the point where she said it wasn't good enough for her, and she wanted penetrative sex, to feel me inside her. She gave me to understand if I didn't do something about my erectile dysfunction, it might even mean she wanted to find another man who could make love properly.

So I conclude that you must treat your erectile dysfunction if you want your partner  to stay with you. If you're not enjoying sex, what's the point of the relationship? If you both are indifferent to erectile dysfunction, and you have no sex life, or one that accommodates erectile problems, then fair enough. For all other couples, erection problems may make the man feel impotent and emasculated, and lower the woman's self-esteem. Erectile dysfunction is something that you can usually control.

What are the causes of erectile difficulties?

Why do you not have any control over your erectile dysfunction - like when it comes and goes?

What are the treatments available to cure erectile dysfunction?

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