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Is hypnosis a way to cure erectile dysfunction?

Self-hypnosis can help to overcome psychological problems which may stop you from getting an erection. If there is a physical basis to your erection problem, it's unlikely that it can be cured with hypnosis, but such treatment may be very effective in lessening anxiety and increasing your self-confidence.

In other words, by attacking the root of emotional issues in your subconscious, self-hypnosis can go a long way to restoring your sexual confidence, a weakness of which may be compounding your erectile dysfunction.

Self-hypnosis can reduce worry or anxiety caused by doubts about your sexual performance or sexual abilities and it can also assist you in relaxing before and during lovemaking so that you have greater control over your emotions and sexual responses.

This means that an erection problem which is due to anxiety will resolve quicker than without the assistance of the self-hypnosis technique CDs. Therefore, you will be able to last longer during sex, and your fear of erectile dysfunction will be much lower - which, in turn, means you're less likely to lose your erection in the first place!

When you try self-hypnosis, especially with our recommended CDs by Victoria Wizzell (see below), you will find you start to express a new more relaxed self, and your typical levels of anxiety around sexual situations become much reduced.

In turn, this will boost your self-confidence, so you are more able to cope with sexual situations, whether they are anticipatory, actual or fantasy based. This increased confidence in your sexual ability will make you less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Of course, hypnosis treatment goes further than relaxation. Hypnotic suggestions about different ways of living are programmed deep into your subconscious mind with the effect that established ways of responding to sexual situations are effectively supplanted by new ones. Shortly after you start to use the CDs, you'll find that you can make love for longer before you ejaculate, and your erectile dysfunction will gradually cease to develop in the first place.

Of course, regular use of the treatment for erectile dysfunction on the CDs will cause new responses to sex to become well-established. You'll feel more confident, more relaxed, less stressed, calmer and less anxious about sex, and your erectile dysfunction will be a thing of the past!

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Another benefit of using hypnosis as treatment for erectile dysfunction is that the greater relaxation and confidence that grow as you use the self-hypnosis CDs will provide massive reassurance in other areas of your life besides sex.

Self-hypnosis treatment  for erectile dysfunction can be found here.

Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

All psychological treatments, including hypnosis, should be preceded by a medical assessment to identify and understand any medical issues which may be causing the erectile dysfunction - for example, ED may be caused by nerve-related or vascular issues which are the result of diabetes. There is also the use of medication or recreational drugs to consider. But just how can hypnosis be helpful in resolving erectile difficulties?

First and foremost, it is a way of curing erectile dysfunction in conjunction with other treatments such as sex therapy. Sex therapy was the result of Masters' and Johnson's work in the 1960s and 1970s.

 They described behavioral modification and cognitive-behavioral strategies as ways to cure erectile dysfunction. Treatment would proceed as follows: work out what the problem is, generate rapport with the client and then let them talk openly about their experience, while giving them any information they lack, and then target the sexual behavior which must be changed.

 This approach involves agreement with the client about what they are expected to do and what the object of therapy actually is. As the therapy develops, it is checked and assessed to see if further information about the cause or treatment has emerged. Only a small number of sex therapists employ hypnosis in this part of treatment, even though many experts think it is useful to facilitate treatment and develop the treatment options.

Hypnosis also provides direct and indirect methods of changing a person's thinking at all levels - it allows one to access symbols and metaphors which may be useful in interpreting the patient's view of sexual issues.

Hypnosis also allows a man to engage in fantasy which distracts the client away from negative self-talk and replaces it with positive mental rehearsal of sexual experiences. Therapists using hypnosis during sex therapy think it can be helpful to direct inappropriate fantasy into better, less destructive fantasies. This can change the behavior and sexual expectations of the client.

There are many hypnotic techniques which can help to resolve erectile dysfunction: arm catalepsy, for example, may be redirected to the penis in men with erectile dysfunction. In one study, arm catalepsy redirected to the client's penile response was successful in producing a cure in 82% of men.

How does this work?

Well, while explicit suggestions of hard erections can be useful, so can indirect suggestions of erectile firmness. For example, it is possible to transfer suggestions of arm or finger catalepsy to the erection mechanism. And post-hypnotic suggestions of a hard erection can be helpful, as can assisted age regression, where a man is taken back in time to when he had a normal erection.

Hypnosis is also helpful in exploring sexual fantasies which can then be added to current sexual activity. Hypnosis can draw a client's attention to sexually pleasurable stimuli, so that sexual pleasure is highlighted. The importance of imagery in such situations is considerable.

Gilmore (in the Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy, 1987, 13. p 45-47) set out three carefully chosen metaphors which are designed to develop hope, caring and competence combined in the resolution of psychological conflict that may prevent erections developing during sexual activity or intercourse.

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