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What Treatment Is Available For Erectile Dysfunction?

During the time I had erectile dysfunction, my girlfriend and I decided we could get round the problem by spending a lot of time giving her oral sex so that she had plenty of orgasms. In return she was happy to stimulate my penis with her mouth, which is very pleasurable even though I wasn't erect - though it's not the same as fellatio on an erect penis to orgasm, obviously. It is actually possible to reach orgasm with enough stimulation to the flaccid penis - and the sensations are pretty good! But....and it's a big but....this is nothing like intercourse. And after a while it became all too clear that what she really wanted was intercourse with me inside her. 

This caused me to feel both anxious and depressed: a failure, feelings that will be familiar to most men with erectile dysfunction. So - I don't think there is any doubt that treatment is essential, both for the sake of your own emotional health and the health of your relationship. Furthermore, sex is the foundation of a relationship. It's just possible that if you don't treat your erectile dysfunction your partner may seek sexual satisfaction with someone else. But if you and your partner don't mind your erectile dysfunction, and you don't think it's affecting your relationship, then please don't feel that you need to do anything about it!

In the much more likely event that you want to cure your erectile dysfunction, it, so you can enjoy a normal sex life again, the starting point for treatment should be a visit to your doctor who can assess you for any organic, physical causes such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, or high blood pressure. These can be treated separately from the erectile dysfunction.

The next step will be to engage in a course of self-help treatment (assuming you don't want to see a professional sex therapist) such as you can find on this website. In fact the treatment on this website consists of a series of enjoyable exercises which you will do with your partner, a relaxation program to relax you when you have sex and reduce your anxiety, and a series of techniques which will allow you to keep an erection once you have one, so that you need have no fear of losing it during sex.

In addition, you may like to try Viagra, provided that your doctor has prescribed it and regards it as a useful adjunct to your treatment.

General notes about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very common, as you can see if you search for the term in Google: the number of sites which come up show there are many men looking for an erectile dysfunction cure, and sadly also show that there is a great deal of money to be made from selling a cure to men who need help in getting their erections back. And no surprise there, because hardly anything could be more troubling for a man than losing his erection, his ability to penetrate a woman in the act of lovemaking. The loss of erection means he feels emasculated, much less of man, not able to show his potency - which naturally affects his partner as well, who may wonder if it is her lack of attractiveness which is putting him off sex. (And who will be frustrated by the lack of sex.)

But of course these are all judgments, and none of them is necessarily true: a man with an erection problem is just that, no more or less the man he was before his penis failed to co-operate. Most cases of erectile dysfunction, in my view, are due to emotional or psychological stress such as depression, anxiety, or relationship troubles. The penis is a good indicator of what is going on in a man's mind, and if it flops unexpectedly, there is certainly some significance to that fact. For more on the effects of erectile dysfunction, see here.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

Most doctors would like to see a combination of treatment approaches - lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, losing the excess pounds, and increasing one's level of physical activity may be enough for a man to get his erection back. Of course, reducing any prescription or non-prescription drugs that may have a role in erectile dysfunction is necessary. Most useful, though, for the majority of men is sexual psychotherapy. Viagra is a very helpful medication, and in the comparatively small number of cases where this does not work, vacuum cylinders and pumps, or surgically implanted inflatable devices, may be be used. In rare cases, surgery involving veins or arteries may be considered. Testosterone administration should always be considered, which may involve hormone replacement therapy in a variety of forms.

Psychotherapy - the best treatment for erectile dysfunction

A good approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction whose origin lies in psychological effects is to use any psychotherapy technique which reduces anxiety around sex, relationships or intimacy. It is necessary for a man's partner to help with the treatment techniques, which involve gradually increasing levels of intimacy and sexual stimulation. These approaches are also useful when anxiety that arises from physically based erectile dysfunction is being treated.

Drug Therapy

Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil hydrochloride) and Cialis (tadalafil) have all been approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They belong to a group of drugs called phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors, which work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide (the chemical that relaxes smooth muscles in the erectile mechanism of the penis), or rather preventing its breakdown, thereby allowing it to continue its effect of increasing blood flow.

The advised amount of Viagra as a starting dose is 50 mg, though 25 mg or 100 mg may be required. Levitra and Cialis start at 10 mg, and the doctor may adjust this dose to 20 mg or 5 mg as required.

None of these phosphodiesterase inhibitors is to be taken more than once a day and nitrate-based drugs such as nitroglycerin for heart problems can be seriously affected by them. Also, combining a phosphodiesterase inhibitor with an alpha-blocker may result in a drop in blood pressure.

Testosterone can effectively reduce erectile dysfunction in a large number of men with lowered levels of their own testosterone, and men have claimed that other oral drugs such as yohimbine hydrochloride, or the more esoteric dopamine and serotonin agonists are effective, but scientific evidence is lacking.

Vacuum Devices

Mechanical vacuum pumps induce an erection by producing a partial vacuum, the effect of which is to help suck blood into the penis, so it engorges and expands. These are not penis enlargement pumps, they are medical devices which include an elastic band, which, when fastened around the base of the penis, will ensure the erection is maintained when cylinder is removed, so that a man and his partner will be able to have sexual intercourse.

Figure 2. A vacuum pump device induces an erection by producing a partial vacuum around the penis, and this sucks blood into the corpora cavernosa.

Alternatively, a stiff rubber sheath may be placed on the penis before it becomes erect and if left in place can help to enable penetration and intercourse.


Although a radical treatment, surgery can be used to implant a prosthesis, so that a man with erectile dysfunction may be able to induce an artificial erection. The failure rate of surgery is high, and some of these implants do not produce an increase in size on "erection".

Surgery on blocked arteries may be useful in reducing erectile dysfunction, though the procedure works best for young men with an identifiable discrete block in an artery caused by injury to the groin or pelvis. It doesn't work for older men with more widespread problems. Surgery to the veins in which blood leaves the penis is rarely done as it appears to be ineffective.

Of course, there can also be a connection with some medical condition, such as diabetes or high cholesterol (the latter can block the arteries to the penis which are needed for efficient blood supply) and impotence may also be linked to a drop in testosterone levels. Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem which must be given full care by both the patient and his doctor, because it may be a sign of high cholesterol or diabetes. When a man has erectile dysfunction caused by high cholesterol, he is at considerable risk of a heart attack within two or three years.

This raises the question of treatment: how is erectile dysfunction best treated? The ideal way of approaching treatment is for a man with a loving partner to start by improving his physical health, eating a more balanced diet, taking more exercise and having all the test for low testosterone; then, for the man and his partner to work together on the exercises which will specifically address his erectile dysfunction.

There are many treatments offered on the internet, and it can be hard to know how to select the right one; I can only speak from personal experience, both of having erectile dysfunction and of helping men with the condition over several years, but I believe that the only treatment method which is worth considering is the series of exercises described on this website, whose function is to get a man out of his head and into his body, so that his process of sexual arousal depends much more on physical stimulation than fantasy. I have compiled this information into this website, and the sole purpose of it is to assist men who have erection problems to regain their erections and become fully functional sexually again. You can read about this method of treatment for erectile dysfunction here.

I also suggest the use of Viagra if you are under the care and supervision of primary care physician. Viagra has very much short-circuited the treatments for erection problems, and this is especially true in the physical cases, where the cause is organic (i.e. in the body) in origin. While Viagra may not be a complete cure, it can be a great asset in overcoming the problem - even for men whose problems are psychosomatic (e.g. in cases of performance anxiety, Viagra can help overcome this anxiety by providing a confidence boost).

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