Control Erectile Dysfunction !

So, you want to control erectile dysfunction with a remedy that works tonight!

One potentially effective way to control erectile dysfunction quickly is to use Viagra. The better solution is the long-term solution which involves training your body to respond more to physical arousal than fantasy arousal, so you can maintain your arousal and your erection without experiencing erectile dysfunction. Read more about these methods here.

And here's a summary of all the methods available to treat erectile dysfunction.

But you may want to find a quick cure for erectile dysfunction - to enable you to have sex today and be able to keep your erection for longer. You might have an exciting date, or you might just want to enjoy normal sex with your long term partner.  In which case you may find that you can effectively overcome your erectile dysfunction with a dose of Viagra. The mechanism by which Viagra works to overcome erectile dysfunction is described elsewhere on this website.

There are some possible problems with this way of controlling erectile dysfunction: you may have side effects of flushing of the face, bluish vision and an upset stomach. If you take Viagra with a fatty meal it will be less effective, and you need to take it about an hour or so before sex. Control erectile dysfunction now! 

If you want to try Viagra as a way of controlling erectile dysfunction or even your chosen cure, you can easily get a prescription from your doctor, and he or she will advise you on the best method to take it. You can also use an internet advice service. However, I strongly suggest you use the long term erectile dysfunction treatment described here.

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